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The Microsoft IIS Content Pack for Log Insight offers a highly scalable intuitive and graphical approach.

S-port cs-username c-ip csUser-Agent csReferer sc-status sc-substatus. HTTP Error 5000 Internal Server Error and IIS logs show 4034 error. Up Log Creek Without a Paddle Part 2 IIS Log File.

CsReferer The complete URI of the referring page as sent in the HTTP. Cs-host User Agent csUser-Agent Cookie csCookie Referer csReferer. Logparser SELECT DISTINCT csReferer as Referer cs-uri-stem as Url INTO. S-port cs-username c-ip csUser-Agent csReferer sc-status sc-substatus. S and s Specifiers LogViewPlus.

Referer The site that the client last visited cs-host The header name of the host sc-status The HTTP or FTP status code returned by the server.

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IIS Recommended formats W3C Extended Log File Format or NCSA Common Log File Format Additional information.
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Tracking down the iis log parser


Telegraf is highly configurable web servers indicating issues as iis log

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