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13 but the recent bigotry and anti-Semitism erupting in Europe is in no way emboldened by President Trump as you claim by his saying that. US president Donald Trump made a new statement today condemning the attack the killed a counter-protestor at a white supremacist rally in. One of the greatest examples of Fake News is the lie that on Charlottesville the President said there were good people on the NazisWhite. In a near-empty arena on the river in his hometown Joe Biden accepted the Democratic nomination for president promising hope over fear. President Donald Trump took questions from journalists after a discussion about infrastructure Read the transcript of the Q-and-A provided by. During a shouting-match of a news conference an angry president asserted that alt-left activists in Charlottesville were as much to blame as. Unite the Right rally Wikipedia.

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A reporter told Biden that Trump said 'specifically that he was condemning' white nationalists after a riot in Charlottesville 'No he did not'. During the first presidential debate President Donald Trump did not condemn white supremacists when asked to He did tell the Proud Boys a. Sure Trump said there were 'fine people on both sides' but in the next breath he condemned 'neo-Nazis and White nationalists' Don't leave. How the wrong about black americans have permission to donald trump very fine people transcript of love and whether it was unlike you a project. President Trump speaks to media in the lobby of Trump Tower on Aug 15 2017 in New York On April 25 2019 former Vice President Joe Biden. OpinionLetter Trump shouldn't be the issue Opinion.

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